Do-It-Yourself Divorce
How the Online Divorce Works
Step 1

The first step to using this online divorce solution is creating your account. Once you've figured out what state you're going to be filing in, you will go through a quick set of preliminary questions, then you create your account and select your payment option. Now you can begin answering the questions inside your new account!

Step 2

Once inside your account, you'll be taken, one at a time, through a series of basic, non-legal questions that will cover everything about your divorce. As long as you save each answer, the information will be saved for as long as you need it! Every question you answer will be based on what you and your spouse both agree on. At the end of the questions, you will generate your completed documents. This is when the magic happens. All of the information you provided in your answers will be filled into your state-specific documents where it belongs. Now you have all the documents you need in order to continue with the filing process.

Step 3

At this point it is best to print out your state filing instructions (listed with your documents). The instructions take you one step at a time through getting the documents signed, notarized, and ready to take to court. Once your documents are all organized and signed you can take them all down to file at your local county court. If your state or county has any sort of waiting period before your divorce can be finalized, you would still need to abide by that waiting period. Your court may also require that you file different packets of documents at different times. As long as you follow the filing instructions and abide by your court's requirements, you should have no issues with getting your divorce as soon as possible!

How to Get Started Doing Your Divorce Online

If you think you want to try to do your own divorce using an online divorce service, you should be sure that your situation lends itself to the do-it-yourself process. If you feel that the online solution may not be the best option for you, then you would want to consider going a different route, such as hiring a mediator or a lawyer.

To find out if this solution might be an option for you, choose the state that you will be filing in, then continue with the quick quiz which will let you know if the do-it-yourself service is right for you!

Keep in mind: You typically need to file in the state in which you currently reside and meet residency requirements, and it does not matter where you got married. If you are active duty military, you would usually have the option of filing either where you are currently stationed (if in the U.S.) or in your home of record. If you are seeking a same-sex divorce, you are only able to file for a divorce in a state that recognizes same-sex marriage, and therefore would typically need to live in and meet the residency requirements of such a state as well.

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