Stop Your Divorce

When the subject of a divorce comes up between spouses, initial thoughts usually revolve around what lawyer to hire. Even if one of the spouses doesn't want the divorce, they will usually look to a lawyer to help them somehow legally stop the divorce from happening. Occasionally, that same spouse will suggest counseling, however, for this to work, the other spouse must be willing to give it a shot.

It is in these instances, when the other spouse won't consider counseling, that you are brought to this site looking for an answer. Before you assume that the answer lies in our "Hire a Lawyer" section, try this first! We are offering this book, "How to Stop Your Divorce," written by Richard M. Vargo, M.A., in an attempt to help you seriously consider the option that so many people overlook.

Many times you don't need to pay for expensive counseling sessions in order to save your marriage. In this book, Mr. Vargo uses more than 20 years of experience to give you strategies that you can use on your own to try to save your marriage and stop your divorce. He wants you to know and understand that many married couples have faced the same dilemmas and that you are not alone. No marriage is hopeless, and using "How to Stop Your Divorce" can help you revive the mutual love and companionship that you and your spouse once shared.

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